Vecar, sustainability and the environment:
putting words into practice

Sustainability impacts our daily lives and future generations. Vecar operates in a sector in which it is essential that everyone does their part to safeguard the environment. We work with this constantly in mind, taking concrete action.
Battery efficiency
and regeneration
In 2022, we regenerated more than 1000 batteries, doubling their life cycle and further improving environmental impacts, producing less waste by reducing transport for new battery deliveries and therefore lowering particulate and CO2 emissions.
Rigenerazione Batterie
batteries regenerated
in 2022
of distilled
water saved thanks
to Vecar

Reduced water consumption

Respect for the environment can and must also be guaranteed with traditional technology. Batteries are available with a special configuration of elements that combined with a traditional rectifier decrease top-up regularity from once a week to once every four weeks. If a HIFI rectifier is added, this interval is reduced to once a month, and with insufflation, once every 13 weeks! Water is a precious commodity. Make the right choice!

High-performance battery chargers

Choosing the right charger is far more important than it seems. The charger affects various aspects of energy management:
  • Energy costs
  • Charging times
  • Battery life
  • Average useful life of battery
  • Maintenance costs
  • Environmental impact
saving on recharging
A properly configured rectifier using modern technology allows savings of up to 25% on recharging costs and over 50% on consumption of distilled water. Recharging a 48 V 600 ah battery (the most widely used) with a high-frequency rectifier means avoiding 675 kg of CO2 emissions each year, the same amount that a car would emit over 5000 km.

Simply efficient

We also support environmental protection through our range of forklifts.
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Risparmio energetico Carrelli Elevatori

Respecting the environment at the wheel of a forklift

The Blue-Q intelligent autopilot system: the vehicle's Blue-Q power-saving mode (blue button) is activated with a single touch. Optimisation of the motor's efficiency curve makes it possible to identify energy-saving phases, without reducing operational performance. This allows a saving of 10–20%, depending on the usage profile and features of the vehicle.
Sostenibilità carrelli elevatori
Technical advantage Customer benefits
Cutting-edge transmission technology. Reduced energy consumption, for high-efficiency performance.
The Blue-Q mode allows savings of up to 20% at the touch of a button, and without losing any power. Reduced energy consumption.
Guaranteed respect for the environment: more than 98% of all materials we use are recyclable. Sustainable and environmentally friendly.