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Trusting an expert partner for complete management of your forklift fleet is one of the most important choices for your goods-handling machinery.

Operating for over 27 years in the field of long-term forklift hire, Vecar offers all-inclusive hire packages, guaranteeing unrivalled contractual stability and excellent service with the following advantages:
  • operating lease fees are a fixed global cost for the requested period and, even more importantly, there are no fluctuations in budget;
  • constant assessment of profitability vs cost facilitates any decision to replace, extend or dispose of the forklift or other equipment at the end of the hire period. Furthermore, the replacement of one or more forklifts with others more suited to the needs of the customer is also possible during the hire period;
  • establishment of a fleet of forklifts to meet the needs of the company, both in terms of quantity and use, is always completely flexible;
  • operating leasing does not influence the company’s financial structure. Liquidity remains unaffected and the profit/fixed-assets ratio is improved;
  • leasing payments are fully deductible for tax purposes, as they fall within income-related expenses;
  • the invoice for the fee, including maintenance and repair costs, is deductible during the financial year and does not contribute to the maximum tax deductibility percentage for assets owned. Furthermore, procedures for calculating, allocating and checking costs are greatly simplified;
  • with a limited initial outlay, as the value of your used fleet will be deducted from the initial monthly payments, and thanks to VAT dilution, the operational leasing cost is offset by the performance offered by your forklift, which is always efficient and supports cost/revenue planning.
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Sudden work peaks?
New machinery coming in to unload and install?
Special maintenance for your vehicles or company structures?
Need to perform a stock take?

These are just a few of the tasks that a company may face that can be solved using a temporary goods-handling vehicle.
Here at Vecar, short-term hire means satisfying requests for short-term machinery usage ranging from 1 day to 12 months’, subject to our warehouse stock.
We provide an excellent service, perfectly tailored to customer requirements, which offers a quick solution and the chance to be part of an important national and international network.

Whatever your requirements, please get in touch. A member of our dedicated short-term hire team will be at your full disposal to provide appropriate advice and information.

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