Technical support and spare-parts service

We have a team specialising in technical support and original spare parts.
The deeper its foundations, the more solid the structure!
The VECAR support service represents the foundations of our organization.

Staff and organisation

Telephone operators with technical expertise ready to receive support calls
Technicians located at 3 operating sites across the country
Vans equipped with mobile workshops
Operating units with a “shop-in-shop” philosophy
Assitenza tecnica Vecar

Support service


ON-DEMAND:on-call support service.

BASIC:to guarantee mandatory checks as per regulations.

INTERMEDIATE:additional scheduled maintenance beyond the BASIC plan.

UPPER:additional scheduled maintenance including cleaning and consumables beyond the INTERMEDIATE plan.


ALL-INCLUSIVE:mandatory checks, scheduled maintenance, routine and special maintenance, spare parts and consumables, can all be included in a SINGLE MONTHLY FEE. As a subscription service, this is fully deductible for tax purposes.

Courtesy forklift

If your own forklift or a hire vehicle needs to come into one of our workshops for repair, we provide a courtesy forklift, subject to available stock.

Servizio ricambi Vecar

Spare-parts service

The use of a quality spare-parts service is fundamental for your business, allowing you to extend the useful life of intralogistics equipment and ensure that your business is always productive.

In this context, Vecar provides its customers with a spare-parts service offering quality products certified by the manufacturer and guaranteeing excellent performance from forklifts and other machinery.

Efficiency, ease of use, safety and advanced technology are just a few of the features that Vecar proudly guarantees customers of its spare-parts service. This translates into rapid service with high technical and quality levels.

Using original spare parts also enables us not only to provide the best possible advice but also to ensure that the repair is effective and tailored to meet the customer’s requirements. Original spare parts are fundamental for all goods handling machinery subjected to heavy use, as it avoids continual maintenance operations without compromising machinery performance.

Vecar workshops

Zoppola headquartersArea of expertise:
Province of Pordenone


Pradamano branchArea of expertise:
Province of Udine/Gorizia


Trieste branchArea of expertise:
Province of Trieste


Spresiano branchArea of expertise:
Province of Treviso/Belluno


Ceggia branchArea of expertise:
Province of Venezia